The Impossible Collection of Cigars


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  • 194 pages
  • 3 gatefolds, 130 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in November 2020
  • W 15.75 x L 18.75 x D 3.25 in
  • Handcrafted volume in a luxury linen clamshell case
  • ISBN: 9781614289760
  • 22.05 lbs.

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In the highly anticipated new volume in Assouline’s bestselling Ultimate Collection, The Impossible Collection of Cigars envisions the ultimate humidor brimming with the most remarkable cigars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from the most prestigious makers. Like the pop of the Champagne cork, the flick of the lighter or the strike of the match and the first draw of the smoke are synonymous with celebration, relaxation, and comradery. A luxurious pause from the world around, an exceptional, hand-rolled cigar has cemented itself as a civilized passion and genteel hobby over the course of centuries.

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