Sevan Biçakçi: The Timekeeper


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  • 200 pages
  • 150 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in December 2018
  • W 11 x L 13.9 x D 1.6 in
  • Hardcover in a luxury slipcase
  • ISBN: 9781614286332
  • 8.0 lbs.

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Sevan Biçakçi is a jeweler fit for an Ottoman emperor, encompassing a mastery of traditional techniques largely unseen in contemporary metalsmithing and gem cutting. An Istanbul native, Sevan is a visionary jeweler, fusing diverse elements of nature, ancient mythology, and Ottoman history, literature, and architecture into his award-winning creations. His imaginative designs and singular craftsmanship have intrigued and impressed fellow jewelers and connoisseurs for years, and his awe-inspiring jewels, unique in their storytelling artistry, are avidly sought by the world’s most discerning and sophisticated collectors.

Now, in a study and celebration of the essence of time itself, Sevan has explored the Ottoman tradition of timekeeping and clockmaking, which he discovered through an exhibition of timepieces at the world-famous Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul. For nine years, Sevan has channeled his imagination to create a collection of dramatic jewels that not only tell the time, but also recount the story of time, fusing the rational and the emotional. This evolving collection of extraordinary timepieces, featuring high-tech Swiss-made movements, have all the allure and grace of Sevan’s original jewelry, bringing his artistic refinement and technical expertise to the centuries-old craft of watchmaking.

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