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Text by Duncan Murray Kirk

Original photography by Isabella Ginanneschi

7.5 x 11 in – 19.5 x 28 cm | 160 pages

150 illustrations | hardcover with jacket

ISBN: 9781614285182

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The spiced aroma of frangipani, sweeping beaches, dramatic landscapes inhabited by beautiful people—these are the popular images of Bali, but the legendary island is also a magnet for celebrities, artists, and generations of intriguing eccentrics and intrepid explorers. Islands occupy a hallowed place in literature and mythology, and among islands Bali is the quintessence. Accepting the presence of the unseen spiritual universe is a hallmark of the island’s attitude.

Bali is currently experiencing a boom, sparking concerns and debates about maintaining the balance of the island’s ecosystem. In the Spirit of Bali explores the many facets of this mythical island, from its verdant topography, intricate colonial history, and deeply rooted traditions and rituals, to the recent influx of hard- partying holiday-makers, holistic enlightenment seekers, bohemian expat artists, and new age entrepreneurs.

Featuring beautiful original photography by Isabella Ginanneschi, In the Spirit of Bali includes a comprehensive guide to hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants, temples, yoga retreats and holistic resources, sightseeing, and recreation.

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